Terry Jones Rogers
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               Rogers & Nienhaus
Terry Jones Rogers and Scott Nienhaus were introduced by their mutual friend Supe Granda, of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, after they both relocated to Nashville,TN in 1993. Rogers invited Nienhaus to join his newly formed group, The Byrds Celebration, which started a long association with Rogers and Nienhaus, also resulting in a recording project in St. Louis,MO at Music Masters Studio in 1995.

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  After the release of 'Empty Room', Terry and Scott toured Europe numerous times, with The Byrds Celebration, as well as many acoustic shows as Rogers & Nienhaus. Based out of
Amsterdam, Rogers & Nienhaus performed shows throughout The Netherlands, as well as Switzerland. Interlaken, Switzerland was a favourite stop, performing many times at a local venue called 'The Anker'.

Living in Nashville,TN provided many opportunities for the duo, including The Ryal Macaws, which featured Rogers & Nienhaus, along with Supe Granda, Vince Barranco, and  world renowned fiddler, Vassar Clements.

 Having met the members of 'The Mothers of Invention'
(now called The Grandmothers) in Budapest, Hungary while performing at EuroWoodstock, Terry and Scott hosted The Grandmothers at their home in Nashville, providing them with a rehearsal space as they prepared for a tour of the US, as well as performing with them at the annual 'Zappening' in Peoria,IL.

          The Grandmothers

 Now livng in the St. Louis Metro area
Rogers&Nienhaus  continue to receive rave reviews for their performances, not only as a duo, but also with their bands;  Younger Than Yesterday, The Real Macaws, and 4&20~a tribute to CSNY.

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